Tanglin Halt Integrated Development

This mixed-use development in Tanglin Halt, located in Queenstown, Singapore, is designed to foster an inclusive, connected, and resilient community-centric environment while preserving the heritage of one of Singapore’s oldest HDB estates. The project aims to modernize and revitalize existing key heritage elements, integrating them into a sustainable and contemporary development. At the heart of the development is a main courtyard typology, where the repurposed barrel vault structure, preserved mature rain trees, and other heritage elements form the core communal activities and wayfinding amongst the various programs. These activities include a polyclinic, a market and hawker centre, neighbourhood centre, and childcare centre. The design promotes a seamless flow of activities, encouraging community gatherings and interaction and reflecting the cherished community spirit of the past.

Typology Public Housing, 406 units, 46 storey towers with multi-storey carpark, polyclinic, market & hawker centre & common facilities
Site area 25,500.00 sqm
Gross Floor Area 74,050.00 sqm