Northshore Cove

Northshore Cove is located within the Northshore district of Punggol Eco-Town. It comprises 4 resi-dential blocks with heights ranging from 18 to 26 storeys. The design is inspired by the charm of Punggol as a fishing village of the past. It is de-signed to create visual porosity to maximise pano-ramic views of the sea and beyond as well as to minimise the wall-like effect. We have also an ele-vated boardwalk which serves as the main pedes-trian link within the precinct, and it integrates the development with the adjacent parks and precincts.

Typology Public Housing, 801 units, 26 storey towers with a basement & environment deck
Site area 20,133.00 sqm
Gross Floor Area 83,447.26 sqm
Construction cost $92,600,000.00
  • Green Mark Gold Plus