Barker Road

Situated in the locale of Barker road, the site for this architectural project boasts a unique, elongated layout with a narrow frontage. An innovative design is achieved through the strategic use of layers and textural elements, creating a visually striking and cohesive aesthetic. The design principle is rooted in the concept of echoing natural patterns within a built environment. The facade is meticulously designed to mimic the intricate stratification of rocks, offering a balance between natural elements and modern design sensibilities. The master bedroom, a crucial space within the home, has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the owners’ privacy. The balcony, an integral part of this space, is nestled within a frame-like structure. This savvy design choice creates a cosy, intimate outdoor space whilst offering moments of seclusion.

Typology Detached house, 2-storey with mezzanine & attic
Site area 473.20 sqm
Gross Floor Area 624.49 sqm
Construction cost $2,799,999.00