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It has been a decade that I’ve worked as an Interior Architect and Graphic Designer both in Asia and the United States of America.

As one of Kyoob’s senior designers, Charinee Srisantitham assumes a wide portfolio of responsibilities. Having a lot on her plate, she is often seen running around the clock churning out creatives and making sure the client’s fitting-out objectives are met. Despite having a gruelling schedule most of the time, Charinee maintains a cheerful demeanour and “can-do” attitude, lending a hand to other colleagues whenever the need arises. Her sense of responsibility and work ethics are certainly noteworthy.


1.How would you describe yourself?


Basically I’m just an insane person who is really hardworking (to keep me sane) or someone you can call “a workaholic”. Besides that, I’m enthusiastic, straightforward, decisive, and most of the time non-traditional. I really love travelling (…alone), cartoons, art, and biology stuff.