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Remembering our roots

Greetings from the Kyoob-id team!

This is a special issue for us because it coincides with our nation’s 50th birthday celebration. To commemorate the occasion, Kyoob-id came up with a special SG50 gift box to give out to our clients. The gift box comprises a collection of fond memories that some of us had of Singapore while growing up.

On top of that, the team went for a night of art jamming at Arteastiq, a social painting studio cum tea lounge as part of our celebration. The painting theme was SG50. It was a great time for bonding as well.

As the year progresses, Kyoob-id will strive to bring you more news updates whether on the project or company front. Improving lives at the workplace is Kyoob-id’s mission, and we’ll carry on doing it with passion. We love to hear from you. Send us a note:

Michelle Goh, Director