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Inspired by nature

Greetings from the Kyoob-id team!

In the design of a clubhouse, one of the important considerations has to be ample space for networking. Ambience too, helps to facilitate discussions, social and business in nature.

The interior design for Suntec City Guild House of the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) was styled with these factors in mind. Taking the cue from nature, Kyoob-id designed the space with forms and flows following the slow, unhurried movements of a cocoon when it wraps and unwraps itself. The interior is thus slowly uncovered as the space reveals itself slowly, adding to the luxurious comfort of a networking space. Do check out the article and pictures inside.

The Kyoob-id team has also participated in a couple of bonding sessions, one of which was a Laser Shoot-out activity that was conducted outdoors at a neighbourhood park. The team is always game for any physical activity and during this activity, we had fun, not just with people we work with but also with their family members. It was a great bonding session and we’ve witnessed the fun sides of each other.

We’re currently busy with a couple of projects on the marketing front. We hope to unveil them soon. Watch out this space for more information. Improving lives at the workplace is Kyoob-id’s mission, and we’ll carry on doing it with passion. We love to hear from you. Send us a note:

Michelle Goh, Director