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Green culture

Greetings from the Kyoob-id team!

I’m excited to share that we’ve just launched our new tagline and together with it, revamped our corporate identity as well. Our new tagline “it all begins with a green dot” now better reflects our beliefs as an environmentally responsible company. You might have read about it from an announcement sent earlier. If you haven’t seen our video, do check it out here.

We’ve also updated our office surrounding in a refurbishment exercise last year. Through the process, we’ve taken note to utilise more sustainable materials for our furniture and finishing while retaining the aesthetics language of an open and facilitative environment. Read on for more details.

Originality in design could sometimes be so elusive. Recently, we sent our senior designer to a series of workshops – Master Class for Designers entitled “Originality in Design” and “Concept Design” to challenge her thought process and well, comfort zone. And we’re pleased that she found it thought-provoking and useful. Most importantly, she’s learnt to be more open-minded and positive. We’re enlightened from her experience and we’ll certainly continue to send our colleagues to enrich themselves.

We’re currently busy finalising some projects and are looking forward to sharing with you more details in the near future. Also, stay tuned for more activities in store, the first being the OCBC cycling event that is coming end of April. Improving lives at the workplace is Kyoob-id’s mission, and we’ll carry on doing it with passion. We love to hear from you. Send us a note:

Michelle Goh, Director