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Greetings from the Kyoob-id team!

Greetings from the Kyoob-id team!

Our recent design for Eagle Eye Centre at their new outlet at Westgate in Jurong East has a subtle gallery tone. Inspired by the clean walls and ambience at the gallery, the interior for the new centre is designed with pristine textured walls and warm finishing. As the outlet is situated at the side of the mall, we’ve created an attractive logo wall to draw attention to potential customers.

Recently, the staff have their usual food gathering in town. This time, we have Korean fare at the Togi Korean Restaurant at Mosque Street. The Korean wave does not seem to be subsiding anytime soon and we’re happy with the many choice food selections that are springing up throughout the country. As usual, we have a feast of a time.

We’ll continue to share with you our news and happenings. It is a joy that you find enjoyment in reading them. Improving lives at the workplace is Kyoob-id’s mission, and we’ll carry on doing it with passion. We love to hear from you. Send us a note:

Michelle Goh, Director