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Lifestyle Office


Designers are often looking at ways to improving the office to enhance staffs’ productivity and work performance. One of the ways to keep productivity high is to ensure that employees stay engaged with one another and that they maintain a high level of well-being.

As designers style the office, the inclusion of lifestyle amenities such as recreational spots and upmarket pantry (replete with free flow of gourmet coffee or beer in some) is a great way to allow employees to enjoy and relax through these spaces.

Having lifestyle-inspired finishing and detailing such as those found in a home décor also helps employees to ease their tension and manage stress better. Imagine the chance to unwind over a cup of coffee and leisure reading at the cosy sofa after undertaking that number-crunching spreadsheet.

Designers are also recognising the different ways employees use spaces. Open spaces do not necessarily translate to more collaborative and interactive working for some. As such, private spaces are styled into the office to enable varied use. Increasingly, phone rooms are found to be a common staple in open, dynamic offices.