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The draw of retail clinics


As compared to hospitals or medical centres, retail clinics offer advantages such as convenience and accessibility among others. The popularity of retail clinics means that patients can have access to specialised healthcare services even when they are shopping or during some other leisure activity. When it comes to design, the interior for a retail clinic is preferred to be inviting, comfortable, and friendly. Here are some considerations:

Match the retail setting

The retail clinic is preferred to be styled in an inviting way, using materials, textures, and colours that are slightly different from the ones in a hospital or medical centre. Clinical colours and common materials may give way to brighter hues and unconventional patterns.

Maximise the space

The space for a retail clinic is often limited and should be maximised functionally. This could mean double duty furniture or space styled with modular purpose.

Prominent signage

For retail clinics, a portion of customers come from shoppers attracted to the visual/ retail identity. A prominent signage, in line with the corporate branding, should be styled at the front to draw customers. Additionally, the designer has to weigh the privacy concerns of customers when planning the reception/ waiting area and decide on how much to reveal to attract them into the clinic.