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Designing in 2017


We look at some trends that will continue to transpire in office designs for this year.

Flexibility remains as one of the most crucial considerations in office design. Flexibility is desired not just in spatial planning where modularity in working spaces is highly favoured but also in furniture functionality and aesthetics.

Technology will continue to be a seamless part of the office culture, with the world of apps and mobile communications taking centrestage. Networking and interaction are immediate and provide limitless opportunities, and these need to be supported by the office infrastructure. The office needs to be equipped to the fore with multi-media capabilities, wireless technology, and plug and play systems.

Spaces will be more defined though retaining their openness. Instead of opening everything up, spaces will be delineated according to their activity and purpose. It will be common to see defined areas from private rooms for personal calls to pockets of spaces designed for co-working and other varied uses.

The awareness of work life balance in office culture will shift the thinking of higher executives to providing more lifestyle-oriented amenities that range from recreational areas to flexible work arrangements. These might transpire in forms of more personable offices to shared working spaces among others.