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Acoustics and lights


Many considerations come into play when designing a bowling centre. One of the most important considerations has to be acoustics management. The noise level from the bowling alley can be disruptive and potentially damaging to ear drums over time. Thus, in the design of a bowling centre, noise levels have to be expertly managed to enable a pleasant and enjoyable experience for bowlers as well as for other guests. Carpets, fabric and wall coverings can be comprised of acoustic properties to reduce the noise level. For the bowling centre — Orchid Bowl @ Punggol — we incorporated acoustic fabric commonly used on walls and re-styled them into our design features – towering fruit tree displays – that not only helped to bring down the noise but also enhance the aesthetics of the place.

On top of acoustics, the designer can also experiment with lighting to evoke different moods for the space. For an entertainment centre such as bowling centre, other than creating a familial ambience that will appeal to families, alternative moods can be produced to draw in other crowds. At Orchid Bowl @ Punggol for example, cosmo lights are featured on weekend nights. This, coupled with dance music, is enough to jazz up the moods for an evening of fun that will appeal to the younger working crowd.