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At one with the surroundings


The external environment matters much to workplace designers. The external environment in most cases, nature, is brought into the workplace because of its many benefits. Breathing in the fresh air from a walk in the park does much to rejuvenate the body; this and many benefits are some of the reasons why workplace designers strive to incorporate the exterior elements into their design. Designers could draw inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, a philosophy of architecture that focuses on the harmonious relationships between nature and the world we live in.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture considers the building as part of the natural surroundings as if it were a unified organism in the ecosystem. The idea of organic architecture can be transpired in the interior through many forms, some of which include a nature-inspired colour palette comprising of earthy hues, natural materials instead of synthetic ones, as well as forms from ready furniture to custom-designed that seem to sprout from the ground. The possibilities are endless.