Orthopaedic Sports and Joint Centre entrance at Level 15-1Waiting area at Level 15-1
9 April 2014, Wed

Patient’s comfort and recuperation emphasised by Kyoob-id in the interior design of new healthcare facilities of Singapore’s renowned public hospital

The ambulatory healthcare facilities – Orthopaedic Sports and Joint Centre and Health Assessment Centre incorporating Diagnostic Radiology services – together occupy 16,500 square feet on 1.5 floors at Camden Medical Centre.

1. Singapore’s commercial interior design company Kyoob-id had recently completed a design consultancy project for a local public hospital healthcare facilities. Located on Level 15 of Camden Medical Centre is the Orthopaedic Sports and Joint Centre, which comprises clinics, orthopaedic diagnostics, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and listing – making this a one-stop centre for all orthopaedic needs. The Health Assessment Centre together with Diagnostic Radiology are situated on Level 16.

2. Kyoob-id completed the design consultancy from design conceptualisation to production of tender drawings within a period of three months. The construction was handled by ISG, an international construction services company.

3. The focus on patients’ comfort and recuperation is the overriding factor driving the interior concept. In addition, this project utilised a material selection that is innovative, quality and yet low-cost at the same time.

4. Michelle Goh, director of Kyoob-id said, “Organic forms are chosen because they are fluid and seamless. We envisioned a space with no sharp corners and edges. Such an environment will be conducive for a recuperating patient. For this project, we’ve also sourced and incorporated many low-cost yet quality materials in the production, which have managed to bring down the cost for our client to a great extent.”

5. Organic forms thus dominate in the design from curved carpentry to smooth finishing. Likening a fluid energy that moves uninterrupted in organic forms from point to point, the design travels across boundary, connecting flooring to table tops through to ceilings, merging interior with architecture.

6. An interlocking symbol is also created and creatively transpired onto screen panels and wall features. Kyoob-id’s senior designer Tiwe Tan added: “The interlocked symbol connotes ‘interlocked bones, joints, or body parts’ to sync with the hospital’s clinical scope and is interestingly anchored throughout the centre from door signage to wall murals and collateral displays.”

7. As a healthcare provider, cleanliness and hygiene are important with dirt accumulation limited to the minimum. As such, cabinet joinery is designed to be seamless with horizontal surfaces minimised; shown in cabinet doors with no edges or horizontal surfaces to collect dust.

8. In keeping with the organic theme, furniture is characterised by soft curves and friendly shapes. On top of their organic shapes, the beam seating at waiting areas are ergonomic with hand-rests to accommodate patients getting in and out of their chairs. Priority seats for recuperating patients are also allocated with signage printed on the chair upholstery for easy identification.

9. Wall graphics do not just beautify a space but they also motivate and encourage. The wall graphics proposed for the hospital consist of pleasing and therapeutic images of blooming flowers, conjuring the ambience of a peaceful sanctuary to promote healing and rest. For the physiotherapy area, bright and energetic pictures are specially proposed to motivate patients undergoing therapy to work out.

10. And in terms of way finding and environmental signage, bigger directional signs in larger typeface and illustrations are implemented to direct the routes more conveniently for patients. These are also painted in bright accent colours – aubergine, lime, and blue – also colours of respective departments, allowing patients to find their way around the clinic more easily.

11. On top of these, wheelchair provisions with clear demarcations are highlighted on flooring for the ease and convenience of patients. Flooring is vinyl and has anti-microbial properties in view of the clinical environment.