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16 June 2014, Mon

Singapore’s Kyoob-id uses organic curves to shape the interior of the new Suntec City Guild House, the latest addition to the stable of guild houses of The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), the premier club for the alumni of the National University of Singapore and other recognised universities

Inspired by the serene wrapping and unwrapping movements of a cocoon, the interior at the Suntec City Guild House is also slowly uncovered, revealing small pockets of surprise as one saunters through.

1. Singapore’s commercial interior design company Kyoob-id has recently completed an interior design consultancy project for one of NUSS’s graduate clubs. Construction is handled by Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte Ltd. The Suntec City Guild House is the only NUSS graduate club that is located right in the city.

2. Officially launched on 7 March 2014 by Singapore’s Minister For Education, Mr. Heng Swee Keat, the Suntec City Guild House comprises a comprehensive host of hospitality amenities such as The Bistro, The Bar, K-Room, Jackpot, and Function Rooms to cater to the diverse needs of its alumni members.

3. The Suntec City Guild House’s city location – right at the heart of the shopping belt at the Suntec City and Marina Square areas as well as within easy reach of the prime business district at Shenton Way as well as the pristine Marina Bay Financial Centre – signifies its aim to be close to where its graduates are; thereby providing a convenient and one-stop entertainment and business venue.

4. “We wanted to create a conducive environment where members can relax and socialise the moment they step in. We’re inspired by the unhurried movements of a cocoon when it’s being formed, layer by layer. Thus, it is how members are made to experience: unhurried and surprising discovery of the space as one moves along,” explains Michelle Goh, Kyoob-id’s director.

5. Forms and movement thus follow languid curves, smooth corners, and cocoon shapes, from lighting fixtures to seamless wall features. A modern contemporary décor seals the ambience, underscored by classy sophistication. The colour palette is monochromatic with solid hues in taupe, bronze, and white, accentuated further by dark oak and charcoal. Material usage as with forms and textures are varied with finishes in stone, timber, and metal to underline a modern vibe.

6. As with the design, the spatial planning of the 15,049 square feet space also follows an unhurried movement, with spaces being wrapped and unwrapped from one point to the next. Adds Kyoob-id’s design manager, Emily Tan: “On top of it, there is the focus on space modularity and functionality. Hence, spaces are arranged such that all rooms and areas can be fully operational at one point in time.”

7. Tiwe Tan, Kyoob-id’s senior designer talks a little about the design: “At the Reception, the organic infusion starts from the origami inspired table to the statement winding ceiling. The reception counter draws the attention with its dynamic shape yet subtle colour. Its solid white surface make is supported by black granite chiseled stone with concealed down light. The dynamic cove ceiling wraps the space with visual interest. This is set against a bronze-wrapped wallpapered wall with undulating protruding fins, giving a twist to linear forms.”

8. At The Bar, rounded silhouettes continue at the lofty ceiling, where curves weave in and out in ascending steps and layers. Fabric wall panels are made to undulate in complementary beige hues whereas the flooring, redolent of chiseled wood barks, connotes dynamism and portrays a warm and relaxing environment. A mix of chesterfield chairs and divans pepper the lounge loosely, enhancing social moods whether to talk shop or to catch up with pals. Completing the lush ambience is the selection of “random lighting” by designer “Bertjan Pot”; their mesh cocoon shapes adding to the understatedly lofty vibe.

9. For those who wish to hang out by the bar counter, they could also do so with style. Like a folded piece of origami, the bar counter is a sleek piece of art. Its curved protrusion stands on chiseled black stone with bars of warm lighting that cast below.

10. Alternatively, entertaining can be done at the K-Room, a karaoke room replete with acoustic walls and powerful sound system. Vinyl wraps the walls in diamond patterns with led-light coves, shining a resplendent view of colour display from red to orange, blue to gray.

11. The Bistro at the other end of the club is set in similar lush, warm tones. At the entrance, a contrasting texture of granite stone with chiseled rugged finish greets guests. Space dividers are interestingly comprised of arrays of timber balls that are spray painted in white sheen and stringed by steel rods. Together with separate sliding glass dividers, the space dividers are framed in charcoal and are movable for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

12. Once inside The Bistro, a warm ambience infuses, replete with understated earthy toned dinner chairs and amorphously coved ceiling feature. The restaurant is brightened by a hint of red and orange from the carpeting, resembling cracks from a tree bark. At the VIP corner, privacy screens are framed by black metal with bronze tinted mirror and laminated organza fabric, upping the plush factor of the dining establishment.

13. Opposite The Bistro are Function Rooms, which can be opened into one big room, for events such as product launches and wedding functions. Because of constraints such as the existence of many low beams, pockets of opening are factored into the design, resulting in a seamless coved organic ceiling feature whether the function rooms are opened or closed.