4 July 2012, Wed

Kyoob-id, Singapore's boutique architectural interior design consultancy creates new, lifestyle interior concept for Cedele by The Bakery Depot

Set at 1,500 sq feet, Cedele by The Bakery Depot launches its new outlet at Serangoon Gardens with a chic, lifestyle interior that will set the tone for all new outlets to come.

  1. Singapore’s boutique architectural commercial interior design consultancy Kyoob-ID has created and established a new retail identity for the recently opened Cedele outlet at Serangoon Gardens. The design and build project by Kyoob-ID was completed in a period of two months.
  2. Set in a cosy and warm ambience with rich oak timber and Cedele’s cult vibrant orange colour as the main backdrop, the new outlet at Cedele looks set to further the already thriving coffee drinking culture in Singapore.
  3. Cast in warm hues from stylish hanging lights and dressed in spacious golden oak solid timber tables and seating that line the café at the front, the Cedele café, which sits about 40 people, is a chic coffee stop for the many residents and patrons at Serangoon Gardens, many of whom are expatriates and locals.
  4. Warm lighting from behind an elongated large glass panel in vibrant orange that is inscribed with Cedele’s cooking philosophy lits the rustic cool-white brick wall at one side while iconic illustrations of the Cedele mascot adorn the rest of the walls, enhancing tastefully the bakery cafe’s distinct identity and positioning.
  5. For the rest of the interior, greyish-brown matte flooring merges with black chic designer seating to portray a contemporary ambience. A multi-tiered shelf in vanilla-white positioned at the café front stocks up daily-baked pastries, offering fresh alternatives for on-the-go customers.
  6. Michelle Goh, design director of Kyoob-ID said of the design: “We aim to create a warm and cosy concept that appeals to the different groups of clientele with varying needs. For instance, whether you’re here for coffee with a friend and family, or you’re in a big boisterous group, you’re made to feel immediately at home with the different seating arrangements and welcoming ambience. And to cater to the upbeat and hip vibes of Serangoon Gardens, we’ve also injected modern touches to the café and yet retained the distinct elements of Cedele’s retail identity.”