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Java froth. The sublime cherry on the cake in every good brew.
It’s how we tell a story. Just like a dot of inspiration is all we need to paint a corporate story or create a retail brand, a top-up of sublime froth is what we add to complete every story with finesse. Lean back, take a sip and let us create your corporate, retail, and hospitality interiors to improve lives at the workplace.

  • Creating the next dot
  • markIt all begins with a dot
  • markspaces that improve lives at the workplace
  • markWe turn them into meaningful spaces
  • markA dose of inspiration
  • markA dot of ink

We design to improve lives at the workplace, simple as that. Simplicity thus is at the heart of what we do. You can call it our culture or character, but it’s surely the attribute that sets us apart. We draw from the origins and the simple things in life to create a story. Often, the simple things are deep in our core or rest in our midst — cultural make-up and everyday objects — that we unconsciously ignore and push aside. These are the fodder from which distinct icons and statement interiors are crafted.

  • staff icon
    staff icon
  • staff icon
    staff icon
  • staff icon
    staff icon

    How much?

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    The point is…

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    Looks expensive…

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    Ok, I will inform my contractors!

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    The tagline is …

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    You ar…!

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    This is nice…

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    When is the deadline?

  • staff icon
    staff icon

    The client says nice…

  • staff icon
    staff icon


  • staff icon
    staff icon


  • staff icon
    staff icon

    Chop chop or else….

Creating the next dot

It is about realising the next dream and aspiration; and building spaces that impact people and the society.

Want to kick-start your plan to look for a new space? If you’ve a place in mind, arrange with us for a test fit and feasibility study. Interested in the full-fledged works? Leave the brainwork to us. We will make sure you get your money’s worth. Take your pick from below.

  • Get the Right Fit

    Make sure the space you’re keen on fits snugly with your manpower and operational needs. The only way to tell for sure is to conduct a spatial plan analysis and preliminary test–fit.

  • Envisage the Full Works

    Set your imagination on fire. That’s what we do on a daily basis. We conceptualise and design your space, which comes alive through our 3-d visualisations. Dream away.

  • Balance the Numbers

    Quality, creative interiors need not necessarily come with a price tag. We source from among the best to bring you innovation, quality workmanship and value for money.

  • Partnering End to End

    From the point we present our ideas at your boardroom to the time we pass you the keys to your spanking new office, we’ll see everything through together with you. Yes, we go the extra mile every single time. We provide design consultancy, project management, and construction services from end to end, both locally and overseas.

Word-of-mouth is always a great way to get us noticed.


  • AEP Investment Management
  • Alpha Investment Partners
  • Actis Capital Partners
  • Cedele by The Bakery Depot
  • Eagle Eye Centre
  • Eames Consulting
  • Energy Market Authority
  • Eu Yan Sang – Retail @ MBS
  • Fircroft
  • Halcyon Group
  • Hudson Global Resources
  • IP Global
  • ITE Tampines
  • Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka
  • Marina Bay Sands – VIP Lobbies
  • Max Photo
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Nanyang Poly Library
  • Omega Travel
  • Orchid Bowl
  • Pacific Radiance
  • Porsche Showroom, KL
  • Rock Productions
  • SATO Asia Pacific
  • SATS
  • Sentosa Leisure Corporation
  • Singapore General Hospital
  • Soo Kee Group
  • Trading Technologies
  • TripAdvisor
  • NUSS
  • Lloyd Holdings
  • Walt Disney
  • Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
  • Xiamen AVIC-Zijin Plaza
  • Young Living

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